An Alana Ross Group specialty is helping you put your valuable resources to best use. We work closely with you to analyze your systems, structures, and operations. Then we help you develop and implement strategies for running your organization, delivering your services, and achieving your goals.

Projects we have accomplished for satisfied clients include strategic plans, organizational diagnostic studies, needs assessments, surveys, operational analyses, performance audits, policies and procedures development, and transit studies. Strategies we recommend fully consider such factors as:

  • Fiscal and resource implications
  • Effective alternatives for structures and systems
  • Industry best practices and solutions

When clients implement our recommendations, they quickly see improved workflows and increased productivity.

An integral part of our work is garnering broad-based support for the project’s successful implementation. We work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and we grasp the relationships and dynamics at every point on the organizational chart, from the board of directors to management to staff. We have consulted in union and nonunion environments and understand the special considerations of each.

In other words, we bring people together to achieve results.