If you need to develop sponsorships to support your event or cause, the Alana Ross Group is your best strategic partner.We work with you to develop attainable financial goals, formulate effective strategies, and involve the stakeholders who have an interest in the outcome. Unique to your organization and its needs, our fundraising plan addresses:

  • The purpose of your event or campaign, your intended message, and your desired audience
  • Your existing donor base and the current fundraising environment
  • Prospective donors that you would like to target
  • Appropriate roles for your board and staff
  • What’s in it for your sponsors—incentives and benefits that will generate enthusiasm and motivate participation
  • Supporting materials that will make your case and persuade prospects to become sponsors
  • Effective use of social networking and web-based technologies
  • Up-to-date and accurate mailing lists
  • Systems for maintaining accurate mailing lists, keeping records, and tracking and acknowledging prospects’ responses
  • Follow-up and sponsor appreciation

Then we turn the plan into action. With over twenty years of experience, our strong organizational skills, and our broad-reaching network and relationships, we can help you secure key donors and sponsors who will build the momentum and create a solid base of support. With the Alana Ross Group on board, you can count on meeting, even exceeding, your fundraising goals.